Hair Transplant Finance Options

If you're looking to spread the cost of your hair transplant procedure, then we can help - we're partners with leading finance provider Saffron Financial

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Our Financing Options

At Hillside Hair Clinic, we are transparent about our prices as we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to the planning and cost of your surgical treatment.

When you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, there’s a lot to think about – the type of surgical treatment you want, the results, the recovery time, and most importantly the cost. We believe our patients should be able to proceed with their life-changing treatment without any barriers. Therefore, we provide different finance options through Saffron Financial.

Our partnership with Saffron Financial allows you to have:

- A discreet service tailored to you

- A quick and easy application process

- A high acceptance rate

- A range of repayment options

- Different repayment periods with 30 days at 0% interest.