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FUE Beard Transplants

Get the masculine look you desire

Goatee’s, mutton chops, stubbles and the Garibaldi are all types of beard styles that you may or may not know!

Male facial hair has become more popular over time and it looks like it's here to stay for years to come. Seen as a sign of masculinity, many men are opting for the henchman, bearded look and grow some kind of facial hair.

Facial hair will not always grow into a dense or a nice even spread. For many men, the facial hair can be patchy or thin. Some men have trouble growing any facial hair at all and they can’t achieve the desired look that they want.

FUE Beard Transplant - Patient 11 - 3 Months After Procedure
Male FUE Hair Transplant at Hillside Hair Clinic

FUE hair transplantation for facial hair

Now with the latest advances in FUE hair implantation, it’s possible to implant hair from the donor area of the head into the beard area, perfectly controlling the angle and direction to match the existing hairs. It actually grows and looks the same as the rest of your facial hair. It’s 100% your own hair and once implanted, will grow for the rest of your life. Facial hair implantation is extremely popular right now. It is a straight forward FUE procedure with fast healing times and we think it looks fantastic. So if you have a few patchy or thin areas in your beard or have trouble growing a full beard and you would like to improve it, you should get in touch and try this permanent solution to the problem.

The FUE beard transplantation process...

  • In conjunction with your requirements our skilled Surgeon, will use their aesthetic skills to design the perfect beard for you.
  • The donor area is also evaluated by the surgeon to ensure that just the right amount of grafts are extracted.
  • You will be given a local anaesthetic in the donor area (back and sides of the head), so that the extraction will be pain free. You are awake during the entire procedure.
    We use a medical punch tool to carefully extract the follicular units. These are usually less than 1mm in diameter.
  • During the extraction, the grafts are taken carefully and spread out to ensure, that when the hair grows back in the donor area, it looks completely natural.
  • The extracted grafts are carefully placed in a special solution to help, clean, vitalise and preserve them ready from implantation into the facial area.
  • The recipient area, in this case the top of the head or hairline, is also given local anaesthetic.
  • Using a top quality medical implantation tool, the grafts are carefully injected into the recipient area, controlling the perfect depth angle and direction of each graft to match the direction of hair and contours of the head.
  • The patient follows some simple aftercare during the rapid healing phase. After a period of time when the newly implanted hairs start to grow, they will grow for life.

The end result is 100% natural.