Surgical Eyebrow Transplants

Looking to rebuild your thin, narrow eyebrows or tackle scarring? Enquire today about an eyebrow transplant from our skilled, specialist surgeons

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Gain fuller and more attractive eyebrows with an expert FUE or FUT eyebrow transplant at Hillside Hair Clinic

Your eyebrows frame your face and provide balance and structure. They are crucial to its symmetry and perceived attractiveness.

For various reasons, many of us choose to pull, pluck or even laser our eyebrows to follow a particular trend. Past trends involved making the eyebrows much thinner but more recently, the trend adopted seems to be for fuller and thicker eyebrows.

For many men and women, due to the pulling, waxing or over-plucking of their eyebrows, they cannot grow back the hair as it has permanently been removed. This continuous rubbing and pulling of the hairs initiates a process called traction alopecia, which in-turn permanently removes the eyebrow hairs from the face.

Another aesthetic problem might be scarring. Eyebrows are such an important part of the face contributing to facial recognition, emotion and communication. When an eyebrow is scarred it can be very noticeable. With eyebrow implantation, we can rebuild narrow or thinning eyebrows, build new eyebrows from scratch, or even repair scars. This form of implantation is suitable for both men and women.

If you are struggling with thinness in your eyebrow area, are suffering from scarring or you just want to achieve an improved arch or aesthetic, do get in touch with our friendly team and try this permanent solution to the problem.

What is an eyebrow transplant & how do they work?

An eyebrow transplant is a hair transplant procedure whereby individual hairs are removed from healthy areas of the scalp. The follicles are extracted from these donor hairs, using the FUE method, and implanted into thinning areas of the eyebrows. The aim is to provide full coverage brows as desired. Plucking and waxing eyebrows are beauty trends that can result in permanent hair loss, but ageing, alopecia, burns and facial injury can also cause thin narrow eyebrows. Our hair transplant allows you to get back the eyebrows you want.

Eyebrow transplants are performed under local anaesthetic and you can go straight home after the procedure.

How long do eyebrow transplants last?

The results of your eyebrow transplant can be seen from 4 months but they normally take around 10 months to achieve the desired look. After that the results will last forever. You will need to do some grooming to ensure your eyebrows look natural. Hairs will need to be trimmed and curled to make sure they blend in but that requires around the same amount of time and maintenance that you would normally spend on them anyway.

What our patients have to say about us...

Everything went smoothly

Very welcoming and peaceful. Didn’t feel stressed about the procedure and the technicians were excellent. Everything went smoothly and there were no issues.

Elliot Smith

Dr Ismael & his team did a brilliant job!

Not even 5 weeks after the procedure people are already noticing that my hair is looking thicker and fuller than it was before the procedure and the full impact hasn’t even started yet. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in 6 months time.


Great first experience…the surgeon was excellent

Great first experience. The surgeon was excellent and the technicians really did a great job. I can’t recommend Hillside highly enough.

Lee Dales
FUE Eyebrow Transplant - Patient 9 - Immediately After Procedure

Eyebrow transplants are suitable for both men and women

Re-build thinning or narrowing eyebrows with a fast-healing and straightforward FUE or FUT eyebrow transplant.

  • Tailored to your requirements

    In conjunction with your requirements, our skilled Surgeon will use their aesthetic skills to design the perfect eyebrows for you.

  • The perfect solution

    The donor area is also evaluated by the surgeon to ensure that just the right amount of grafts are extracted.

  • Pain-free procedure with no general anaesthetic

    You will be given a local anaesthetic in the donor area, so that the extraction will be pain-free. You are awake during the entire procedure.

  • Precision surgery

    We use a medical punch tool to carefully extract the follicular units. These are usually less than 1mm in diameter. During the extraction, the grafts are taken carefully and spread out to ensure that, when the hair grows back in the donor area, it looks completely natural.

  • Contoured to suit your face

    The eyebrow area is given a local anaesthetic. Then using a top quality medical implantation tool, the grafts are carefully injected into the recipient area, controlling the perfect depth angle and direction of each graft.

  • Life-long results

    You then follow some simple aftercare during the rapid healing phase. After a period of time when the newly implanted hairs start to grow, they will grow for life.


Our Hair Transplant Guarantee

For all hair transplantation procedures performed by Hillside Hair Clinic surgeons, we guarantee to replace any non-growing hair transplant graft, free-of-charge, providing the patient has adequate donor hair and meets our terms and conditions. In our experience, such replacement has seldom been necessary.