FUE Hair Transplants

Tackle your hair loss with an FUE hair transplant with a top UK surgeon. Both shaven and unshaven hair transplants available.

What is an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a type of hair transplant, where grafts are extracted, using either a manual or motorised punch, under local anaesthesia using punches between 0.8mm and 1.0mm, by a surgeon from what is referred to as the donor area (usually the back and sides of head).

The extracted grafts or follicles are then implanted into what is called the recipient area which is where the patient is suffering from hair loss. In the case of a scalp hair transplant, the recipient area is usually the top of the head.

How does FUE work?

We take hair grafts individually from the back of the head, as hair in these areas are not sensitive to the DHT hormone and are from the permanent area. After transplantation, they will grow forever. So, implanting hairs that are not sensitive to this hormone, into the recipient area of the scalp means that this hair is perfect to use to transplant.

Where are FUE hair grafts taken from?

In FUE procedures we use either a manual or motorised punch, under local anaesthesia using punches between 0.8mm and 1.0mm, by a surgeon from what is referred to as the donor area (usually the back and sides of head).

Can FUE create a natural hairline?

At Hillside Hair Clinic we take great pride in meticulously creating a hairline, and angulation in which the hair is positioned. The patient works with the surgeon and our expert hair adviser to draw and agree on a natural, aesthetic looking hairline, prior to surgery. Using the follicles with one hair on the front hairline and then the twos, then the threes, and then the four hairs, on each follicle, this mimics the natural hairline.

How long does an FUE procedure take?

An FUE hair transplant takes place either in one long session or over the course of several small sessions. The process is more intricate and time-consuming when compared with the alternative FUT procedure, however, the FUE procedure leaves only a fine pinhead scar which will be covered by hair growth.

How long does recovery from FUE take?

As individual follicles are removed, FUE leaves only small, puncture scars, which are practically invisible to the naked eye. There is hardly any post-surgical pain and discomfort – with the average recovery time being less than 7 days.

How long do the results of FUE last?

Once you have undergone FUE, the results are permanent. While the initial transplanted hair will shed a few weeks after treatment, it will grow back strong and healthy.

Male FUE Hair Transplant at Hillside Hair Clinic

Our market-leading FUE procedures are also available on finance. Contact us today for further details.

FUT is popular with woman and also with patients with extreme baldness and a good donor area, who are prepared to leave the hair a little bit longer at the back (Norwood Grade 6-7).

We offer sound, ethical advice on the amount of grafts available to you

FUE Surgery Dr Mamontova

We're one of the only expert clinics in the UK to provide unshaven FUE treatments

Our unshaven FUE transplant procedure is a minimally invasive and extremely effective treatment against hair loss. This treatment is perfect for patients who feel anxious about shaving their head to undergo the hair restoration procedure.

Comparison of FUE and FUT procedures

FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction)

  • Commonest Procedure for 80% of Patients

  • Men rated up to 5 on the Norwood Scale

  • Multiple very small scars (not noticable after healing)

  • Difficult to repeat in later years

  • Better for those who suffer keloids or scar badly

  • Can have short hair at the back

  • Can exercise after a few days

  • Less risk of complications

FUT procedure ( Follicular Unit Transplantation/Strip)

  • Currently 20% of patients have this procedure

  • Preferred for women

  • Fine linear scar

  • Can repeat strip procedures after many years

  • Need to wear hair at back longer

  • Need to wait 4-6 weeks before strenuous exercise

  • Ludwig and Savin Scale for Women

  • Less damage to the grafts

What our patients have to say about us...

The team were fantastic in making me feel comfortable and at home

Even before the FUT transplant procedure, I was a nervous wreck but the team at Hillside helped me through it prior to the procedure with a consultation and their availability online answering all the questions and concerns I had. The procedure itself went smoothly on the day and the team were fantastic in making me…

Anonymous Hillside Hair Clinic Patient

Approachable and easy to talk to.

Very good service from Dr Ali and the team who are approachable and easy to talk to. Recommended highly for information and expertise in this area.


Honestly worth every penny

I recently had a new hairline implanted at hillside. Excellent team from start to finish! Dr Ali and Regina very professional and welcoming. Literally made me feel so relaxed and all the way through out made sure I was ok. The after care has been 10/10. Honestly worth every penny.

Kasim Nawaz

I found his honesty very refreshing

I had a very open consultation with Dr Ali about my hair loss options; he asked me what I wanted to achieve, and he gave me a realistic expectation of results. I found his honesty very refreshing, he did not pressure me into having treatments which would not benefit me. 

Emma Dowson

Great first experience…the surgeon was excellent

Great first experience. The surgeon was excellent and the technicians really did a great job. I can’t recommend Hillside highly enough.

Lee Dales

Very professional and pleasant atmosphere/ service

Over and above all expectations, very professional and pleasant atmosphere/ service

Ollie Tye

Friendly and professional

Friendly and professional, Kept in touch all the time. Treatment carried out well. Would definitely recommend

Craig Franks

Can not describe how happy I am

Can not describe how happy I am. Every single member of staff was amazing, helpful, kind. It is a stress free building. I would highly recommend hillside hair clinic to everyone what an amazing place. If I could have another hair transplant then I’d be there again tomorrow. Very big thankyou to all the staff

Sam Smedley

Even my hairdresser is impressed with the results

Quite a few people, including my hairdresser, are so impressed with the results on me so early on that they are planning their own procedures with this clinic in the imminent future. This whole team at Hillside are very professional, down to earth & helpful at all times and I feel very fortunate that I…

Hillside Hair Clinic Patient

Premium Hair Transplant Clinic

I attended the Hillside Nottingham Clinic today. Very relaxing environment, impressive and knowledgeable clinic manager, Regina. Premium Hair Transplant Clinic.

Sam Hunt