Hair Transplant Patient Journey

So you're looking at getting a FUE or FUT hair transplant with Hillside? Let us take you on the patient's journey of getting a hair transplant with us...

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Every hair transplant starts with a FREE initial consultation with our specialists

Choose from our range of consultation locations: Nottingham, Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol & Northern Ireland. Whichever location you choose you'll be guaranteed the very best customer care and standards.

FUE Hair Loss Consultation UK

Take a consultation & get a full assessment of your needs

We will assess your hair loss on something called the Norwood Scale, as well as taking your medical history and getting to know your expectations of the procedure. We will talk you through your options and answer any questions you have. Following the consultation we'll be able to offer you a competitive price for the procedure and an initial deposit will secure your surgery date at our Nottingham clinic.


Consultations typically last 1-2 hours
vailable at Harley Street, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol and Northern Ireland
Lead-time to the procedure is a minimum of 2 weeks
1 night hotel stay for free if patient's live more than 50 miles from Nottingham city
We're one of the only UK clinics to offer unshaven hair transplants

What our patients have to say about us...

Premium Hair Transplant Clinic

I attended the Hillside Nottingham Clinic today. Very relaxing environment, impressive and knowledgeable clinic manager, Regina. Premium Hair Transplant Clinic.

Sam Hunt

Not even 5 weeks after the procedure people are already noticing that my hair is looking thicker and fuller

Not even 5 weeks after the procedure people are already noticing that my hair is looking thicker and fuller than it was before the procedure and the full impact hasn’t even started yet. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in 6 months time.


The transplant procedure done at hillside was completely smooth sailing

I was initially very nervous about getting the procedure but on the day I was made the feel at ease and more relaxed about the whole thing, mainly due to the professionalism of everyone involved and how welcoming and nice they were. I am only on 4 months post op but I am already seeing…

Hillside hair clinic review

Highly recommend to anyone looking for superb results!

Fantastic team great results very professional make you feel at ease would highly recommend to anyone looking for superb results!!!!

Nick Padovano

Very relaxing environment, with impressive and knowledgeable clinic manager

I attended the Hillside Nottingham Clinic today. Very relaxing environment, impressive and knowledgeable clinic manager, Regina. Premium Hair Transplant Clinic.

Sam Hunt

The team were fantastic in making me feel comfortable and at home

Even before the FUT transplant procedure, I was a nervous wreck but the team at Hillside helped me through it prior to the procedure with a consultation and their availability online answering all the questions and concerns I had. The procedure itself went smoothly on the day and the team were fantastic in making me…

Anonymous Hillside Hair Clinic Patient

Can not describe how happy I am

Can not describe how happy I am. Every single member of staff was amazing, helpful, kind. It is a stress free building. I would highly recommend hillside hair clinic to everyone what an amazing place. If I could have another hair transplant then I’d be there again tomorrow. Very big thankyou to all the staff

Sam Smedley

Honestly worth every penny

I recently had a new hairline implanted at hillside. Excellent team from start to finish! Dr Ali and Regina very professional and welcoming. Literally made me feel so relaxed and all the way through out made sure I was ok. The after care has been 10/10. Honestly worth every penny.

Kasim Nawaz

Unlike others they give honest advice not just what you want to hear!

Hillside were perfect start to finish. Unlike others the give honest advice not just what you want to hear! Throughout the day of the procedure they were great and would recommend to anyone!


I received comprehensive information, advice and recommendations

Had my first consultation with Hillside. Strong core beliefs in promoting ethical values. I received comprehensive information, advice and recommendations from professionals and experts in the industry. I have been to numerous clinics whose aim was to make sales, I had even received incorrect advice and subsequently had the wrong treatments… but Hillside are unique.

Rosul Miah

Request a FREE no-obligation call back from our clinical team

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Stage 2) Planning for the day of your hair transplant procedure at our specialist Nottingham clinic

We do all procedures at our beautiful Nottingham clinic, where we have a purpose-built surgical suite with the very best staff on-hand to support you every step of the way. We have carried out over 3000 procedures.

We offer every patient the VIP treatment. We recommend staying at a hotel the night before your procedure, so you're able to arrive at the clinic calm, relaxed and on-time. We can arrange everything for you - from a beautiful hotel stay (as pictured), to organising a chauffeur to take you from the hotel to the clinic on the day. Many patients also choose to stay at the hotel the night after their procedure, but it's entirely up to you.

Stage 3) Let us guide you through our standard one-day hair transplant procedure

We're one of the only UK clinics who are able to offer an unshaven hair transplant procedure. We'll be sure to talk through your options during the initial consultation.

Arrive at the clinic at 9am and be welcomed by your specialist team

You will arrive at the Hillside Hair Clinic at around 9am and, depending on the number of grafts you require, you'll be ready to leave between 4pm - 7pm on the same day. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed at reception and greeted by your surgeon and medical team. The surgeon will run through the treatment plan for your procedure. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have during this time or at any point throughout the day.

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Receive a pre-surgery health-check and take your medication

You’ll  be asked to fill out a series of forms including a form of consent, health questionnaire etc. Once complete, you will be taken to our break out area, we check your pulse and blood pressure. You’ll be given medication that mitigates risk of infection and reduces swelling and we’ll then show you to a private room to change into a medical gown.

We then prepare your hair ready for the transplant

Typically, a shaven head is the fastest way to optimise the amount of hair that can be extracted and implanted. But it's not the only option. There are other types of hair cut you can have such as having it shaved at the sides, but keeping the length on top. A line shave at the back of the head or leaving it completely unshaven. Depending on the type of hair cut you’ve chosen, our technician will shave the head in preparation. If you would prefer to have the hair in a specific style, please feel free to ask our skilled team.

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The procedure typically takes between 3 to 10 hours and will last you a lifetime

FUE Hair Transplant - Patient 6 - Final Result of Procedure

Your FUE procedure is now complete. So, what happens after the surgery?

Once the procedure is complete, your hair will be cleaned and prepared for leaving the clinic. You’ll be given time to change and again relax with a drink whilst you wait for your post-operative instructions. Your surgeon will explain these instructions in detail and answer all questions you may have. You’ll receive your post-op bag with written instructions, medication, shampoo and spray.

Stage 4) Providing you with quality aftercare in the weeks and months that follow is a priority for us

Our duty of care doesn't stop on the day of the surgery. We pride ourselves on our reputation of offering patients a prestigious, supportive and top-quality service

You want to know that even after you leave the clinic, we're here for you. You can contact us anytime with any questions you may have and you will be asked to come back for review appointments, so that we can track your progress. These are usually after 1 month, 6 months, 9 months or even 12 months - when the final desired result will have been achieved. We will support you throughout the recovery period and are with you every step of the way.