Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Are you looking for treatments to combat male hair loss? Here at Hillside Hair Clinic we take a holistic approach and are here to guide you in the right direction.

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We're proud to be a top UK clinic that offers a range of hair loss treatments to men

When it comes to tackling the complex world of hair-loss treatments for men, there a wide range of options available to you. From fibres, wigs and hair systems, to:

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Medical (Non-Surgical) Treatments

Low level laser therapy

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We empower our patients by ensuring they understand all the options available

We're leading experts in our field and are also here to help educate our patients. So, let's explore why male pattern baldness actually occurs:

In male pattern hair loss, the sides and the back of the head are permanent hair, whereas the front, the top and the crown are non-permanent. Baldness is caused by a process Miniaturisation. This is where the hair follicles gradually get smaller and the hair gets thinner, resulting in the hair falling out.

There are 3 phases of hair growth: the growth and the resting and the shedding phases. In baldness, this process is reversed, with the growing phase becoming shorter and the resting phase being prolonged.


Classification for Men - The Norwood Scale

What our patients have to say about us...

Dr Ismael & his team did a brilliant job!

Not even 5 weeks after the procedure people are already noticing that my hair is looking thicker and fuller than it was before the procedure and the full impact hasn’t even started yet. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in 6 months time.


Everything went smoothly

Very welcoming and peaceful. Didn’t feel stressed about the procedure and the technicians were excellent. Everything went smoothly and there were no issues.

Elliot Smith

Friendly and professional

Friendly and professional, Kept in touch all the time. Treatment carried out well. Would definitely recommend

Craig Franks

Great first experience…the surgeon was excellent

Great first experience. The surgeon was excellent and the technicians really did a great job. I can’t recommend Hillside highly enough.

Lee Dales

My hair is looking thicker and fuller

Dr Ismael & his team did a brilliant job and not even 5 weeks after the procedure people are already noticing that my hair is looking thicker and fuller than it was before the procedure and the full impact hasn’t even started yet. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in 6 months...

Anonymous Hillside Hair Clinic Patient

Professional advice by REAL DOCTORS and not sales consultants

Consultations are NOT from salespeople, rather it’s from Doctors who advise on what is right, give you facts and look for the best interest of the client. My only regret I didn’t visit them any earlier. Highly recommend anyone looking for real, professional advice by REAL DOCTORS and not sales consultants.

Rosul Miah
FUE Hair Transplant - Patient 3 - Immediately After Procedure
FUE Hair Transplant - Patient 3 - Final Result After Procedure

Are you looking to discover the difference between FUE & FUT hair transplants?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) refers to the extraction part of the procedure and there are key differences between the FUE and FUT methods. In the FUE method, individual grafts are extracted directly from the patient’s donor area (back and sides of the head), one graft at a time. Patients can typically also style their hair shorter at the sides and back after the procedure. In an FUT hair transplant, a thin strip of hair is removed from the donor region leaving a small linear scar. The strip is then grafted into the recipient area.

We are very particular about working with you to create a natural hairline to give the best aesthetic result.

We take hair grafts from the sides and back of the head, as hair in these areas are not sensitive to the DHT hormone. After transplantation, they will grow forever. So, implanting hairs that are not sensitive to this hormone, into the recipient area of the scalp means that this hair is perfect to use to transplant.

Here at Hillside Hair Clinic, we offer free private consultation by an experienced clinician, with a background of general medicine and endocrinology, who will go through your medical history and your current medication and advise you appropriately. You will then be consulted by the surgeon.

Discover Hillside Hair Clinic's top hair loss treatments for men

Whether you embark on a hair transplant or not, we believe that the prevention of further hair loss is vital. This is often overlooked. We strongly recommend PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, Finasteride medication, or a combination of both for a synergistic approach.


Our Hair Transplant Guarantee

For all hair transplantation procedures performed by Hillside Hair Clinic surgeons, we guarantee to replace any non-growing hair transplant graft, free-of-charge, providing the patient has adequate donor hair and meets our terms and conditions. In our experience, such replacement has seldom been necessary.